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Corcoran French Kaiapoi Art Expo

You'll find 570 works of art from over 100 artists at the Corcoran French Kaiapoi Art Expo - and a chance to have a go!!

The 12th Kaiapoi Art Expo is the largest visual art show in the Waimakariri district.

The show is on 10 A.M. 'til 7 P.M. Saturday July 15th and 10am - 5pm Sunday July 16th at the Kaiapoi Club.  Gold coin Entry.


The 12th annual Corcoran French Kaiapoi Art Expo is Waimakariri district's largest visual art show and attracts large crowds every year. The Expo displays a wide range of art disciplines by local art groups and individual artists, all under one roof, over two days. 

Alongside the Expo the School Art Expo sponsored by Bowden Environmental features a fantastic display of paintings and drawings from 14 Waimakariri Schools. 

The ever popular Expo is expanding this year into a festival offering more art activities during the week leading into the weekend. Additions include a tour of artists' studios Wednesday 12th July, a 'Have A Go' session all day Saturday as well as the Blackwell's Fire and Ice Night market with ice sculpting on Saturday afternoon.

This year's Expo will feature

- 108 artists exhibiting 570 artworks 

- 77 artists who have previously exhibited at the Expo


11th Kaiapoi Art Expo the Biggest Yet


Derek Adair's huge digital print of Shag Rock won the John Rhind Public Choice Award at the recent Corcoran French Kaiapoi Art Expo. An easy winner, the 1.4m wide photograph gained a high percentage of the votes collected from the public during the weekend event on July 23 and 24. Adair was thrilled the artwork sold on opening night. He wasn't sure that the light was right when he took the photo early one morning but as the public saw, and judged accordingly, the resulting shot captured the scene perfectly and the size of the print on canvas couldn't help but impress the public.

Ivan Button's Rangiora Town Hall painting was second with third place to Mark Adams for High Country Hives.

The Public Choice Award for the Bowden Environmental Schools' Expo was Alyssa Morel from Clarkville School for a striking portrait.

Determined to grow the annual Kaiapoi Art Expo, organisers are more than satisfied with the success of the 2016 event. On top of a week of arts activities, a well-attended opening night with double the sales of last year, two days of big crowds viewing the 565 artworks, plus another 174 from eleven Waimakariri schools, Blackwells Ltd added ice sculpting and a night market, creating a very busy time for art lovers.

Guest artist Clare Wilcox turned out to be a popular choice with nine of her sixteen works selling. Her painting of a bird's eye view of Kaiapoi was bought by retired Kaiapoi dentist, Al and his wife Caroline and gifted to Kaiapoi. A member of the Kaiapoi Community Board Mr Blackie would like to see the painting hung in the Ruataniwha Civic Centre.

Kaiapoi artist, Paul Smith donated a work he painted during Arts Week for auction at the opening. Long-time supporter of the Expo, Sandra Shaw of Christchurch, won the auction.

149 artworks were sold over the weekend totalling over /style8,000. Dan Gordon, chair of the Waimakariri Arts Trust, which runs the Expo, was happy that the aims of the trust to support local artists and promote art in the Waimakariri had been met so successfully this year.

"Comments from the public made to trustees and collected from our survey show a very positive experience from their visit and that's encouraging for the future development of the event," said Gordon.

"There's a huge buy in from the business community and Council too, through Visit Waimakariri, and we are extremely grateful to all our funders and sponsors, who ensure the event continues to run at a high standard."

This year the Trust increased advertising to include social media and two radio campaigns in the already extensive marketing plan and new sponsors were sought to support the new Arts Week. This year for the first time Waimakariri Arts Trust awarded individual artists for their outstanding work.

The winners were:
Outstanding Pencil - Katherine Jacob
Outstanding Photography - Abby Souter
Outstanding Abstract - Margryt Fennema
Outstanding Acrylic - Diana Gillanders
Outstanding Landscape - Jenny Burtt
Best New Artist - Rick Rubens
Outstanding Watercolour - Ivan Button
Outstanding Panel - Paula Jackson



The Kaiapoi Art Expo is expanding...

This year the Trust will introduce Arts Week - a week of activities leading up to the Expo starting Monday 18 July. Events include: weaving for all ages, spinning 'have a go' sessions, Blackwell's ice sculpture, artist demonstrations, workshops, children colouring in activities, displays, print making and paper-making demonstrations. 

Kaiapoi Art Expo Celebrated 10 Years 

The 10th Annual Kaiapoi Art Expo was held 10 - 12 July 2015 at the Kaiapoi Club. The Expo was a great success with over 500 exhibits on display and 12 schools involved. 

Again public were encouraged to vote for their favourite artwork. The winner, Karin Werner received the honours once again with her artwork titled "Another Dark Horse". This is Karin's 4th award receiving 2nd in 2012, 3rd in 2013 and 1st in 2014. 

The Schools' Expo sponsored by Bowden Environmental, displayed artwork from 12 Waimakariri schools. The schools' public choice vote went to Spencer Bird from Kaiapoi High School for his artwork of a bird and a special award from the Kaiapoi RSA went to Holly Wallis from Rangiora Borough School for her World War One commemorative art.

The Expo continues to be a successful and well-attended event. The Waimakariri Arts Trust are looking forward to bringing new ideas to the 2016 Expo.

9th Kaiapoi Art Expo and Schools Art Expo

Schools Art Expo sponsored by Bowden Environmental

Waimakariri district's largest visual art show attracted large crowds over the weekend. The opening of the 9th Kaiapoi Art Expo on Friday 18th July saw a wide variety of art sold to the 300 guests including an auction of three works by Mark Lander, last year's guest artist; Christine Watton of Kaiapoi and Donal McKay of Rangiora.

During the two day event over 500 works were on show by 101 local artists and with sponsors, Bowden Environmental on board, the Schools' Expo returned with a dazzling display of paintings and drawings from 14 Waimakariri schools.

The Expo continued its long-standing success with sales of /style0,000 bringing the total to type="text/css"> p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px Helvetica} p.p2 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px Helvetica; min-height: 14.0px} <20,000 of artwork sold over the past nine years. Corcoran French Lawyers were the new sponsors for the opening night and Kaiapoi Promotions Association and Enterprise North Canterbury continued their support of this popular annual event.

Guest artist Mary Kelleher exhibited her mural Kaiapoi Is The Mill and during the weekend gave presentations on the process of creating a textile mural and producing it in book form. David Parker performed the song written by Mary that tells the story of Kaiapoi.

This year's favourite art work according to votes collected for Public Choice was Karin Werner's 'Reassurance II, a large pastel of a horse and foal, which sold to a Belfast resident. Karin Werner of North Loburn, has painted and drawn since childhood and is mostly self-taught. Her passion for horses and riding is evident in her work.

In the School's Expo the highest number of votes went to Grace Miller of Kaiapoi North School for a series of drawings of native birds.

The great result of this year's Expo helps secure the Expo's future and enables the Waimakariri Arts Trust to continue to support artists and the arts community of Waimakariri.

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